About HelloBody

Say hello to smooth skin…

The HelloBody philosophy is simple: we believe that modern beauty is all about being as natural and socially aware as possible. We believe in redefining glamour: when you look good, you feel good, so we make our products with your confidence in mind… starting with the best, most effective, raw ingredients nature has to offer.

Our unique formulas are powerfully simple and work to get your whole body glowing with good health. We’re crazy about coconuts, in fact most of our products contain the highest grade of coconut oil to hydrate and replenish both skin and hair. We also use the purest German Moor clay – to detoxify and clarify your skin, while coffee grinds work to resurface and energise…

There’s nothing in our range that shouldn’t be there; we work with 100% safe, dermatologically-tested, natural ingredients, and only test on willing subjects – never on animals. You can be sure that we take our commitment to your health and our planet as seriously as you do.

We’re a community-led bunch, so we love hearing from you. Say ‘hello’ to us some time and let us know how you’re getting on with your body-loving products.

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