FAQ – Body

Are the scrubs effective?

All of our scrubs have numerous benefits for your skin:

  • We use coffee to stimulate blood flow and lymphatic drainage to keep skin soft and supple as well as avoid cellulite.
  • Coconut Oil is full of valuable proteins and is an excellent conditioning agent. Both of these factors help to maintain your skin’s elasticity and moisture.
  • Almond Oil soothes itching and redness. It is also used in many treatments to prevent acne as it is rich in Vitamin A.
  • Sweet Avocado Oil is packed with Vitamin E, making it the perfect conditioning agent not just for your skin but your hair and scalp too.
  • Natural salts and sugar are used in exfoliants to brush away unwanted dead skin and are known to remove toxins and dirt that can clog your pores. Our scrubs should be used a maximum of 3 times a week, keep in mind that they’re very effective.

Remember to close the package after every use to keep it fresh for at least 3 months (Glows) to six months (all others).

Will the coffee scrub stain my bathroom?

The coffee in the Coco Glow Body Scrub will be messy when you use it, but provided you rinse yourself off and the area you’ve been using it in straight after you’ve finished, it won’t stain your bathroom.

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