FAQ – General

Are the HelloBody products natural?

At HelloBody, we are dedicated to creating safe and natural beauty products using high quality and responsibly sourced naturally occurring ingredients.
Please check the ingredients in each product for more information.

How can I find out more about a product?

You will find all the necessary information about our products (including ingredients and how they should be used) in the product descriptions and drop downs.

Are the HelloBody products Cruelty-Free?

At HelloBody, we are proud to say that our products are completely cruelty-free and all packaging is labelled accordingly. Most of our products are even suitable for vegans (Coco Clear, Coco Slim, Coco Glow, Choco Glow, Sunny Glow, Coco Pure, Coco Fresh, Coco Soft, Coco Shine, Sunny Shine).

I have sensitive skin. Can I use HelloBody Products?

We use safe and natural ingredients. So whilst we designed these products with young skin in mind, they can be used on all skin-types. If you have sensitive skin and are prone to reactions, we recommend you test the product before use on the crook of your elbow where the skin is the thinnest to see if they are suitable for you.

What do I do if the products cause a reaction?

Firstly, please do not ingest any of our products. It won’t cause any major damage, but it’s not very good for you to eat cosmetics. Our products are natural and have been dermatologically tested and approved. Nevertheless, everyone has different skin and allergies can occur. In cases like this, we advise you to stop using the product immediately.

Why have some of my products solidified?

A lot of our products contain Coconut Oil which, when cold, will solidify because we don’t use chemical softeners or preservatives. This won’t affect the quality of the product though, just give it a little stir and you can use it as normal.

What conditions/issues can the HelloBody products help with?

  • Acne: One of our most efficient products for acne-prone skin is the Coco Clear Mud Detox Mask. The heilmoor clay and other ingredients are combined to prevent pimples, black heads and improve the appearance of open pores by drawing out deep-dwelling impurities without drying your skin out. Our Coco Pure Face Scrub buffs away any dry skin and excess oil. Focus the use of these products on your T-zone if you have oily skin. The Coco Fresh Detox Face Cleansing Foam can be used on a daily basis to remove makeup and other nasty pollutants that could be clogging up your pores.
  • Cellulite and stretch marks:  Exfoliation and hydration are key here. Our Coco, Choco and Sunny Glow Body Scrub and Coco Glam Pink Body Scrub can be used on bums and thighs to encourage blood circulation and flush away lymphatic fluid to help combat cellulite. Our Coco Slim Body Oil is specially formulated to keep skin hydrated and maintain its natural elasticity, which can, over time, help to reduce the appearance of stretch marks. The Coco Cream Body Butter is packed with shea butter, a brilliant conditioning agent that will actively help you to prevent further stretch marks and cellulite when used with our exfoliation products.
  • Dry Hair: Our hair goes through a lot, styling, chemically based products and even the weather can cause serious damage to our locks. Coco Shine and Sunny Shine are hair masks packed with a variety of naturally occurring oils including Coconut Oil, Jojoba Oil, Avocado Oil and Grape Seed Oil. These ingredients all work together to condition your scalp and hair, as well as restore its natural strength and shine.
  • Dry lips: Our solution for dry lips is exfoliation and moisturising. The sugar in our Coco Kiss Lip Scrub and Sunny Kiss Lip Scrub buffs away unwanted dry skin and stimulates blood flow for smooth and supple lips. We recommend applying our Coco Rich or Sunny Rich Lip Balm to moisturize your lips after you’ve exfoliated. They’re rich with Shea Butter and Beeswax to condition your lips in the most effective way possible and provide additional moisture.

When will I notice a difference?

You should feel a difference from the first use. The scrubs and moisturisers are very effective because we use high-quality ingredients. Products like Coco Slim Body Oil will instantly hydrate your skin, but we haven’t quite cracked the magical formula for eradicating stretch marks straight away. For visible results, we advise regular and consistent use.

Can I use your products during pregnancy?

A lot of mothers use Coco Slim Body Oil and Coco Cream Body Butter during their pregnancy to try to reduce stretch marks appearing. If you have existing stretch marks from a previous pregnancy we recommend using the Coco Slim Body Oil over an extended period of time to gradually reduce their appearance over time. Regular use and consistency are key for best results.

Can I use your products during puberty?

Our products are made with young skin in mind. They are designed to be gentle, and take care of your skin thanks to natural ingredients. A lot of young girls choose our products to avoid using chemically based creams and scrubs that could damage delicate skin.

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