FAQ – Hair

Can I use the hair mask on my hair extensions?

Absolutely! Our products are made to be gentle on skin and hair. The ingredients we use in our hair care products are designed to condition hair and restore shine, they certainly won’t do your extensions any damage.

Is Coco Shine Hair mask effective on coloured/bleached hair?

The Coconut Oil in our hair mask will actually help to lock colour in and last longer, not only this but Coconut Oil also helps to encourage growth, for longer thicker hair.

The Avocado Oil is the conditioning agent in our hair mask. It works to repair damage caused by heat, styling, chemical treatments, pollution exposure and even hair that has been damaged through poor nutrition.

Why is my hair greasy after using the mask?

Our Coco Shine hair mask is used to restore moisture and repair damaged hair. It could be you’ve used a bit too much, just shampoo and condition again to remove the excess product.

My hair is naturally oily, can I still use the Coco Shine?

If you have oily hair, use less product on your roots, working it through the tips to prevent dry, split ends instead.

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