FAQ – Skin Compatibility

I have a skin condition. Can I still use your products?

If you suffer from a skin disease and want to use our products, we recommend that you consult your dermatologist first, to check that they are suitable for what you are specifically suffering from. Our products are dermatologically tested and rated “excellent”, but they have primarily been tested on healthy skin. Occasionally, they are tested on sensitive skin.

A product causes a reaction on my skin. What should I do?

We recommend that you test any product on a sensitive area of your body, such as the inside of your elbow, before use. Our products should generally not be used on irritated or injured skin. In addition to the safety test carried out in accordance with EU regulations, the skin tolerability of all of our products is tested by Dermatest GmbH – an external, independent test institute, meaning that the products are dermatologically tested on normal or sensitive skin (the latter only applies for our CARA line). As of present, all of our products have been rated with the highest grading of “excellent”. For further information on how we test our products, please feel free to contact us.

Some products, such as cleansing face masks (for example COCOS WOW), chemical peelings (for example ALOÉ TONIC) or products with highly concentrated active ingredients (for example serums or boosters), may cause a slight tingling sensation or slight redness directly after application, depending on the skin type and condition. As long as it disappears after a short time, the reaction is considered normal and merely shows that the products’ active ingredients are working effectively on the skin. You can adjust the application intensity of the product to your skin condition by varying the application time and quantity.
If you experience severe skin irritation such as a burning sensation or persistent redness during or after application, you should rinse off the product immediately. In extreme cases, we also recommend contacting your doctor. This way, any intolerances can be clarified.

Which perfume do you use in your formulas?

All of our perfumes are carefully selected and based on natural essential oils. Should you suffer from a perfume allergy, you will find detailed information about perfume allergens at the end of the products’ ingredients lists, as well as on the relevant product pages of our website.

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