Hb Skincarelines Coco

COCOS Detox & Care

Our COCOS line was specially developed for normal to dry skin. COCOS cleansing products will help you maintain your skin clean and flawless. With the nourishing COCOS products, your skin will get supports in its regeneration.

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Hb Skincarelines Cara

CARA Strength & Protection

Our CARA line was specifically developed for normal to sensitive skin. It helps to strengthen your skin’s barrier and protect it from harmful environmental influences thanks to its restorative, soothing and antioxidant ingredients.

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Hb Skincarelines Aloe

ALOÉ Hydra-Glow

Our ALOÉ line has been specially formulated for normal to dehydrated skin. The hydrating and plumping treatments will help you achieve a naturally radiant and smooth complexion.

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Hb Skincarelines Rose

ROSE Pure-Balance

Our ROSE line has been specially developed for combination to oily skin. With its purifying and balancing ingredients, it helps to regulate sebum production and to achieve a more even complexion.

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