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Easily explained: the skincare routine in 4 easy steps

Skin care rituals have long since become a global beauty hype! Skin care experts swear by extensive care routines for healthy and flawless skin. These may seem quite extensive at first glance, but the results for your skin are absolutely worth it! We would like to accompany you on your skincare journey and explain the individual steps to you so that you can discover the right care routine for you and your skin!
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1. Double cleanse

Double cleansing is one of the most important elements of skin care routines: During the course of the day all kinds of impurities are deposited on your skin. To effectively care for your skin, you must first remove it thoroughly. Using a cleansing balm is the first step in the popular double cleansing method.

Why? Oil binds oil – and therefore oil-based impurities can only be removed with oil-containing cleaners without leaving a trace. When you massage them into your skin, oil-based cleansers remove make-up, sebum, SPF, smog and other oily impurities.

    Cleansing foam or cleansing gels are the second type of cleansers: they are water-based cleansers. A water-based cleanser is the partner in crime of every oil cleaner and takes over the second step of double facial cleansing.

    Why? Massaged into your skin, water-based cleansers remove any remaining water-soluble contaminants such as sweat. Your skin is now thoroughly, double cleansed and ready for the next steps in your skincare routine.

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    2. Prep & Tone

    A facial spray or toner perfectly prepares your face for the next skin care steps. Your skin functions much like a sponge and can absorb skin care products better when it is already moisturized.

    Why?A toner gives your skin its natural balance back, regulates the pH value and optimally prepares it for the absorption of further care products. Many toners and face mists also contain other nourishing properties for your skin

    3. Treat

    The next step is an intensive treatment for your skin: So-called treatments can be, for example, masks, serums or ampoules. They are full of power ingredients and help you to treat different problems of your skin.

    Why ? Targets specific skin problems.



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    4. Nourish & Protect

    Moisturizing is essential in any facial care routine! Take care of your skin with the right moisturizer, such as a cream or facial oil.

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    The final but very important step in any skin care routine is protection.
    During the day, the sun can cause lasting damage to your skin – even in winter! Therefore, always wear sunscreen if you plan to spend more than 15 minutes outside.
    During the night, you can ensure that your skin is getting the most out of your beauty sleep by using a night mask or night balm beforehand. You can apply these products as the last step of your evening skincare routine to protect and repair your skin overnight.

    Sun protection:

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