Our product philosophy

At HelloBody, we’re redefining the rules of the beauty industry – offering everyday essentials that combine glamour, naturalness and a socially-aware lifestyle. That’s why we believe that #naturalisglamorous!

We have made a conscious decision to avoid certain ingredients in the development of all new products. This does not mean that these substances are generally considered unsafe, but merely reflects our individual conviction and vision of the cosmetics industry. We have therefore drawn up the following list of substances that we avoid using in new products:

  • Silicones and mineral oils
  • Hormonally active substances (for example certain UV filters, butyl and propyl paraben)
  • Denatured alcohol/ ethanol – Microplastics as defined by UNEP 2015
  • Certain sulphates (such as sodium laureth sulfate)
  • Phenoxyethanol/ ethoxylated substances – Palm oil (only palm oil-based substances with RSPO (Roundtable of Sustainable Palm Oil) certification)
  • We are convinced that there are numerous natural alternatives that have similar capabilities in cosmetic products as the listed substances and are, in our opinion, the better choice for our formulas. In order to make the products that have been on the market for some time now even more natural and in keeping with our mission, we are working on reformulating them as well.

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    Dermatological tests

    At HelloBody, one of our core values ​​is the quality of our products. That’s why all of our products are dermatologically tested by an independent German institute – the Dermatest Institute – and all received an “excellent” rating so far. Click here to learn more about the Dermatest seal.

    Ingredients of natural origin

    Naturalness is part of our DNA. That’s why we are doing our best to develop products with the highest possible natural ingredient content. At the moment, the percentage of natural ingredients in our products is around 98%. It’s a slight discrepancy to 100%, but one that helps us to offer high quality and efficient products whilst still preserving the formula.

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    Manufacturer’s secrets

    The best natural ingredients are the signature of our treatment range, because of their exceptional benefits for your skin and hair. On each of our product pages, you’ll be able to discover these benefits in detail. All of our products are made in Germany and we measure the ingredients of natural origin according to strict industry standards (ISO standard 16128).

    Reduce our impact on the environment

    Mindful and responsible interaction with humans and animals is the basis for all our decisions. Because we want only the best for your skin and the environment, we choose ingredients like pink clay from France or Aloe vera from Mexico. Furthermore, in keeping with our product philosophy, we refuse to use substances like parabens, silicones, mineral oils or microplastics as these may have a direct or indirect impact on the environment and ultimately can have an impact on nature, humans and animals.

    Moreover, the majority of our product offering (more than 90%) is vegan. Vegan means that no animal-derived ingredients were used for a certain product. You can find out if a product is vegan or not on the relevant product page of our website. Each vegan product is clearly marked. If the word “vegan” is missing it means that the product is not vegan. For more detailed information, you can always check out the ingredients list of the product in question. Also, we are currently working on reformulating the few products in our portfolio that are not (yet) vegan.

    Not tested on animals

    At HelloBody, we are of course vehemently opposed to animal testing. In addition, animal testing has been banned in the EU in accordance with Regulation (EC) 1223/2009. Consequently, cosmetic products and their ingredients must not be tested on animals. Since our products are exclusively produced in Germany and are subject to the European Cosmetics Regulation, you can be sure that our products have never been tested on animals.

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    Sustainable packaging

    The well-being of our customers and the well-being of our planet are equally important to us – not least because we depend on the earth’s natural resources. That’s why we want to treat it with respect and to give something back. So, we endeavour to find the best possible ways to protect the earth’s natural resources, from the planning and development stages of our products onwards. We attach great importance to making our product packaging more and more sustainable. And we constantly work to implement our plans to be increasingly sustainable.
    But all new packaging variants must first be tested for their suitability. We have to make sure that our formulas are well protected and do not interact adversely with alternative packaging materials – and these tests are complex and take a lot of time.

    However, these changes take a lot of time: We always have to make sure that we comply with the European Packaging Directive (94/62/EC) and that our formulas remain stable and well-protected in the new packaging.

    Status quo – what we’ve achieved so far.

    We use 100% recyclable plastic for our cosmetic packaging.
    We are already using PCR (post-consumer recycled) plastic for some of our packagings and are trying to steadily increase the share of recycled plastic. In 2021, we will start implementing this for all tubes, so that they will consist of around 60% PCR. In addition, we will be using recycled paper wherever possible for all folding boxes to reach our aim of 93% recycled paper in 2021.

    We also use glass for our packaging. Compared to plastic, glass is easier to recycle and can be recycled an infinite number of times. Unfortunately, we cannot use glass for products intended for travel, use in the shower or the bathtub – the risks involved in breakage are too high.

    Our current shipping boxes as well as the filling material are entirely made of recycled paper and FSC-certified (Forest Stewardship Council ®).

    Internal tests

    Before the launch of any new product, we have it evaluated by our internal testing centre, made up of members of our team and members of our wonderful community – all passionate and curious to preview our new products. Their opinions and comments are invaluable to us, as they inspire the development of our future products.

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